Raspberry PI Summer Camp at IPFW


Raspberry Pi is a computer the size of a credit card that's so simple, anyone can program it. Designed as an introduction to science, technology, engineering, and math for UK grade schoolers, its $35 price tag has made it appealing to hobbyists all over the world.

Despite its diminutive device, Raspberry Pi is powerful enough to process many of the same programs as PCs, from word processors to games. Its small size also makes Raspberry Pi ideal for programming connected home devices—like the print server, which has given us the power to make every computer, laptop, and cell phone in our network printer-compatible. Some other projects that can be programmed using Raspberry PI are personal multimedia server, Wi-Fi enabled home surveillance system, etc.

There are millions of online resources of Raspberry Pi. You can watch Raspberry Pi Channel on youtube or you can google hundreds of Raspberry Pi resources (videos, ebooks, projects, etc).

With partial support of IEEE Region 4 Educational Activities Fund, the College of Engineering, Technology and Computer Science (ETCS) at Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) and IEEE Fort Wayne Section will offer the 2017 Raspberry PI Summer Camp to rising 7-9 grade middle school students. This summer camp will be hosted at IPFW Engineering/Technology facilities from 8:30am to 12:30pm on June 26 to June 30, 2017. Pizza/drink will be provided for June 30 lunch.

Campers will learn about the various hardware and software components of the Raspberry Pi by programming it! Python programming language, electronics, Linux Operating System, Raspberry PI I/O interface and control, etc. will be introduced in this summer camp.

Camp Registration

If you are interested to enroll this camp, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding the content and activities that will be done in this summer camp, please contact Dr. Guoping Wang , (260)481-6036, email: wang@ipfw.edu. For questions pertaining to the scholarship application process, please contact Carol Dostal (260) 481-6905 or dostalc@ipfw.edu.

Camp Materials

  1. IPFW Media Release Consent Form
  2. 2017 Raspberry Pi Camp Schedule
  3. Raspberry Setup Cheat Sheet
  4. Camp Slides:Camp Introduction
  5. Camp Slides:Camp Introduction, ECE@IPFW
  6. Camp Slides:Intro to Python Lecture 01, Figures.py
  7. Camp Slides:Intro to Python Lecture 02, mirror.py
  8. Camp Slides:Intro to Python Lecture 03, drawingpanel.py
  9. Camp Slides:Intro to Python Lecture 04
  10. Camp Slides:Intro to Python Lecture 05, guessing_game
  11. Camp slites: Intro to Python Lecture 06
  12. Camp slides:Electronics and Raspberry Pi, RPi.GPIO Sample Codes
  13. Unix/Linux Tutorial, Intro to Linux Slides, Express Linux in one hour
  14. Python Exercise Problems:Python Exercise Problems
  15. Intro to IOT
  16. Intro to Raspberry Pi at IPFW 12/16/2016, pptx, pdf
  17. 2016 March Sci-Tec Slides:Electronics and Circuits
  18. 2017 Summer Exploration Survey
  19. 2017 Boy Scout 100 Anniversary Camp Out Electronics Slides

Camp Instructors

Dr. Guoping Wang joined IPFW in 2003 and he is currently the Associate Professor of Computer Engineering. He received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in 1988, 1991, and 2003 from Tsinghua University, Nanjing University and the University of Oklahoma respectively. He is an IEEE member since 2003 and currently is actively involved in IEEE Fort Wayne Section and is the section chair and webmaster.

His teaching and research areas are embedded system, digital designs, and computer architecture and he has more than 20 years of teaching experiences. His project “Preview, Exercises, Teaching and Learning in Digital Systems” was funded by National Science Foundation with the amount of $81,220 from 2007 to 2010, in which he introduced an innovative model in the classroom of digital system teaching.

Raspberry PI resources

Given the extremely complex nature of this tiny computer, no Raspberry Pi tutorial is fully exhaustive. These are some great resources for learning more about your Pi:

  1. The Raspberry Pi Foundation — The Official source for Pi and FAQs
  2. Adafruit — Lots of Raspberry Pi accessories and tutorials here.
  3. Raspberry Pi Tutorials for Complete Beginners — Henry Budden is a 13-year-old in the UK whose Pi tutorials are so helpful, the Foundation frequently features them.
  4. Raspberry Pi TV Beginners — If you prefer your tutorials in video form, this UK based group of developers has got you covered.
  5. Element 14 — You can buy a Raspberry Pi Model A or B here, from an official corporate member of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
  6. CAS Raspberry Pi Educational Manual
  7. Scratch Resources
  8. RaspTV GPIO Package Tutorial
  9. Raspberry Pi GPIO Package Official Website
  10. Raspberry Pi WiringPi Official Website
  11. Raspberry Pi PIGPIO Library Official Website
  12. C library for Broadcom BCM2835 as used in Raspberry Pi
  13. Sunfounder Super Kit Materials
  14. Sunfounder Superkit online resources
  15. Codecademy is a way to learn many programming languages including Ruby, Javascript, Pythn, HTML & CSS.
  16. Python IDE
  17. Koding Online Learning
  18. Unix Command Reference
  19. Linux Command Reference
  20. VIM Cheat Sheet ,